Boswellia serrata extract - strong anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties + support joint health and help prevent arthritis

Baicalin - anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer

Milk thistle - silymarin - toxin protective effect on the liver

Pineapple extract - bromelain protease enzymes - anti-inflammatory, reduce joint pain and arthritis

Resveratrol - antioxidant inhibit skin and leukemia cancer cell growth and improve mitochondrial function in cells and healthy mitochondria biogenesis

Green tea leaf extract - decreases risk of cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer

Pomegranate fruit extract- reduces risk of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis

Curcumin - reduce oxidative stress and dna damage.  reduce risk of alzheimer's

Grape seed extract - helps lower cholesterol

Sesame seed extract -high antioxidant

Pine bark extract - powerful antioxidant

Acetyl-L Carnitine - break down fats into energy, reduce fatigue, increase muscle mass

Alpha Lipoic Acid - strong antioxidant, studied for effects on Alzheimer's patients and as a treatment for neuropathy in diabetic patients

coQ 10 - antioxidant, important coenzyme for energy production, neuroprotective effect, helps alleviate symptoms of chronic heart failure and other cardiovascular problems

Quercitin - ability to selectively kill prostate cancer cells without harming surrounding healthy cells

Gingko biloba leaf - antioxidant that protects the liver against damage

Tummy taming blend- An herbal blend that combines peppermint, ginger,  and caraway to keep the stomach calm