Making yourself sick cleaning?


More and more people are discovering that many of our health concerns arise as a direct result of living in a toxic environment (cancer, learning disabilities and respiratory problems, to name a few) .  This is such a huge topic encompassing air pollution, contamination of water, as well as consumption of food that is laden with hormones, herbicides and pesticides.

It seems like many don't worry about the risk of cancer or some other disease.  The underlying thought is, "It's not immediately present, so I'm going to pretend like there's no way it will happen to me."  

So, here is a more tangible effect of living in a toxic environment that I'm guessing will hit home for many of us in a more immediate way.

Is there anyone else out there who is battling the bulge, wanting to lose those extra pounds? What if I told you that this fat is actually PROTECTING you from many of the toxins that have found their way into your system from air, water, food, medications, perfumes, make-up and alcohol. Our bodies make a valiant effort to flush out these toxins, but especially as we get older and have been asking our bodies to work overtime by exposing ourselves to so many toxic substances, our bodies become unable to flush everything as effectively.  So, those fat cells are helping to envelop the toxins in an attempt to prevent them from reaching your organs. (And they are not always successful, by the way.) 

Not only that, but many of the toxic chemicals that we are exposed to, such as parabens, BPAs, phosphates and NPEs, actually throw your hormones out of whack by mimicking your body's natural estrogen.  When your body stores this synthetic estrogen, it throws off the entire hormonal system.  Aside from causing irritability and fatigue, it is one of the main reasons those last 10 pounds are so hard to lose!

So, what if you had less toxins in your system? Yep.  You guessed it. With your hormones balanced, the fat would be metabolized more effectively. The fat could take a vacation from its job of protecting your organs! 

I'd like to address an area where we can feel immediately empowered to take control to drastically reduce the toxic load that is taxing our livers, our immune systems and our respiratory systems (again, just to name a few).  

Check out the Environmental Working Group's "Hall of Shame."  These are products that have been shown to have very harmful effects and yet most of us are unaware of how much damage we are doing to our bodies by using them.  You will be amazed if you read this article and I guarantee you will want to throw everything straight in the trash. (recycle all of that plastic, though!)

I wonder if you realize how incredibly easy and amazingly cost effective it is to make your own cleaning products!? Who would have ever thought!

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