On January 3 I'm starting a cleanse for 30 days using the doTerra Cleanse and Restore kit.  There's a whole huge community of people who will be doing this cleanse together and we've already got a wonderful Facebook group going.  Want to join us?

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The new year is a perfect time not only to drop a few extra pounds from the holidays, but also to renew our dedication to being our happiest and healthiest selves.  A cleanse gives the opportunity to pay attention to ourselves, inside and out, and to release that which isn't serving. 

For all those in my doTerra Ohana who get the Cleanse and Restore kit and join this cleanse, I'm offering two free Health Coaching sessions (worth $195.)  I want to support you through the emotional release that might arise while doing a cleanse as well as partner with you in creating and maintaining some good habits. (Check out happyandhealthycoach.com for what my coaching programs usually include).

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To purchase this kit, go to my website: mydoterra.com/deniselionetti, and click "join and save" in order to receive the wholesale price of $245, saving about $80.  You can also call me at 808-298-9452 for help ordering.

By purchasing this kit you will be given a free wholesale membership with doTerra that will give you the benefit of a 25% discount on all products and essential oils for an entire year.  (Click here to read my FAQ about wholesale membership.)  

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As soon as you decide you're "in" and purchase your kit, contact me at mauiaroma@gmail.com in order to arrange your first coaching session where we will go over how this cleanse works and talk about your personal goals.  I can also help you figure out an eating plan that will help you to maximize the benefits of this cleanse.  I will also send you detailed instructions on how to use all of the supplements throughout the 30 days.  

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Still here? Want to read some more?  Here's a doterra blog post about cleansing.

And here's some more information about each of the components of the cleanse

Lifelong Vitality Pack

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GX Assist

PB Assist


Zendocrine Detoxification Blend softgels

Zendocrine Detoxification Complex

DDR Prime Softgels

Lemon essential oil