As a Health Coach, I am ALL FOR shopping organic!  And, yet, I am aware that even when something is labeled organic, this is not a guarantee.  What if, for example, a seed blew over from a nearby Monsanto field?  Or chem trails left the area covered in pesticides?  Yes, the farm may have passed the tests to become certified organic, but how can you be sure?

Well, the only real way to be sure is if the actual product in question is tested right before being packaged and shipped.  

And here is where doTerra differs from the vast majority of other companies.  

They test each and every liter of oil with 10 different tests to guarantee purity as well as potency. And they are so transparent that every bottle they sell has a batch number on the bottom of the bottle.  You can go to and enter the batch number to see the results!

Here's a bit more on the topic, direct from doTerra's website.

4 Steps to CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®

In this video, doTerra's scientists talk about the testing procedures:

Here's our beloved Dr. Hill talks about the difference between doTerra's oils and others: