The Emerge Sales Training is rocking my world right now.  Check out this initial webinar that got me excited about it.  There are so many great tips that  you can use right away just from this free webinar!!!! I hope you'll join me in doing this training!  

In the meantime, Arin has been posting some gems from the training on FB.  I'm going to try to compile them here so we can refer to them all in one place! :-)



In this short video, Arin gives a little idea of who to talk to and what to say in your encounters with people in order to get an appointment with them to share about the oils. 

In the video below, Arin explains the psychology behind every line of this script.  There is actually a reason why each piece is important to include.


"Hi…. hope you're enjoying this beautiful day.

I know I’m texting (calling) you out of the blue….{the icebreaker}

Question, I’m trying out this new format for essential oil wellness consultations and I’m practicing on a few friends and family, would you be open to having one? My part would take 30min, we’d go over any health or wellness goals of yours, I'll share on how you could use the oils for your goals, I’ll show you the kits, but you don’t have to buy anything unless you see something you like. It can be on the phone or in-person. {This gives them the agenda... they know it won’t take all day, and removes pressure to buy..if you're just starting your business you can say you are launching an essential oil business}

Let me know if its something you’d be into or open to."


"Wonderful, I have time tomorrow at …. or Friday at….." {give them two options rather than asking ‘when are you free?”, also try to schedule within the next 3 days, this will decrease liability for them to cancel}


"Great, we can do in person or on the phone…. "


"Awesome, shall I bring something to snack on? or ask them Where is the best parking? or Would you like to use Skype or Zoom?" {this helps cement the appointment in their mind, and decreases liability for them to cancel}

Here are a few more scripts for calling people.



Here's another example of how to do a simple class:

Here are some printables for a MUCH easier and less overwhelming way to present the kits (...only TWO so as to not overwhelm people.  Big bottles or small bottles.  BOOM.  easy.  No need to "talk it over with my husband.")

Kit Options Visual:

Kit Options Printable:

Here's a roleplay for the second, follow-up appointment, (Membership Overview, now also known as the "wish list" appointment.)

Once again, this is the video that got me hooked on taking this training.  The theme is on how to close.  Definitely check it out!

If someone is curious about the business, here's a potential script that Arin shared in her Team Rise Builders FB group:

When someone is curious about the business and asks so "how does it work?" here's an answer you can give them:

"Well, you set up 30 min appointments with people over the phone or in person to talk about their health goals, a little bit about the company, and the most popular kits. They don't have to buy anything but if they see something they like you can help them get it. You get a 20% commission on sales plus you get extra bonuses by creating teams and teaching your own reps how to do the same.
How does that sound?"

She said" That sounds interesting
How do the teams work exactly?"

"So, say you want to be a Diamond...that is 4 Silver teams. A Silver has 3 Elite teams and an Elite has $3000 a month in volume (aka sales). So, your first step is to become an Elite yourself. Sell $3000 worth of product. Most people start with a kit that is about $200. So you would sell 15 starter skits in one month and you would be Elite. Then help 3 people do the same, this would make you a Silver, then help 4 people become Silver and you are Diamond. Diamonds make about 10k a month.
I would be your coach through the process and teach you how to do this."


(If you'd like to sign up for the course: Emerge Online Courses - )