Ready to become a Wellness Advocate?

There is a $35 enrollment fee the first year.  The second year it is $25 but it comes with a free bottle of Peppermint!

So, basically, it's just like being a member of Costco.  You pay the yearly fee and enjoy the discount.  It's really that simple.

Can I enroll if I'm in another country besides the United States? 

Definitely!  Just choose your country from the pulldown menu when you go to the enrollment page. 

What is an enrollment kit and do I have to purchase one when I enroll?

doTerra has some great offers and discounts for new enrollees.  They put together several packages of doTerra's most popular products which makes it really easy to begin your journey with doTerra in a comprehensive way that will have you covered for whatever may arise.   

The membership fee is rolled into the price of a kit.  You are not obligated to start your membership with a kit; you can just pay the membership fee (by selecting "Introductory Packet" when checking out) and then order individual products, but the kits offer a great discount. 

If you check out the kit and they don't have exactly the combination of products you would like, you can purchase a basic kit like the Home Essentials and then supplement your order with other oils "a la carte". 

Please click here in order to see all of the enrollment kit options.

How did you enroll?

I enrolled with the Family Essentials Kit. (Previously called the Family Physician's Kit).  These are 10 of the most useful oils that support all of the major systems of the body.  You save $36 by buying this kit. Here's a page that gives 150 uses for the Family Physician Kit

I went through about half of the oils in this kit in less than a month and I wound up ordering more that same month!  

In fact, I ordered enough in that second order that I was pleasantly surprised when doTerra sent me some free products along with my order.  I have placed an order every month since then and have earned and redeemed about $3,000 worth of free products.  Want to see how?

When I went through the Family Physician kit so quickly, I was wishing that I had gotten the Home Essentials kit, which has the same oils but in the 15ml size bottles instead of the 5ml size .  The Home Essentials kit comes with a diffuser, which is an absolutely indispensable component and one of the most powerful ways to use the oils. You save $86 by buying this kit.

If I had it all to do again, though, knowing what I know now, I would definitely start with the Natural Solutions kit.  Among other benefits, you save $98 by purchasing this kit.

The Natural Solutions kit has so many of the products that I now use on a regular basis:

*the yummy OnGuard toothpaste to which my dental hygienist gave the thumbs up when she read the ingredients and saw the difference it was making in my gums

*the Deep Blue Rub - a lotion that kicks IcyHot's butt!

*the Past Tense roll-on which is the only thing that keeps my sinus headache at bay

*the Lifelong Vitality Pack supplements (talk about essential for wellness).  

*the fractionated coconut oil which is great for diluting the oils so they can go farther when massaging larger areas or applying the oils on children and infants 

*the AromaLite diffuser, which is my favorite out of all 5 of the diffusers I own!  

*the OnGuard hand soap - A friend says that she now looks for excuses to wash her hands!

*the PB Assist probiotics - so important for gut health!

*the OnGuard beadlets - These little tiny "orbs" (as my friend calls them) pack a little punch of immune support while freshening breath and waking you up.

*the awesome Breathe vapor stick

*Correct-X (antibiotic ointment)

There are several oils in this kit that are not included in the others.  I could not live without my Balance oil to keep me even keeled and grounded.  Serenity and AromaTouch are other oils that I use daily along with Wild Orange.

This kit also comes with a few sample size bottles so you can fill them from your bigger bottles and carry them around more easily. (doTerra also sells some really cute keychains for this purpose).  The wooden box is a really nice way to store your oils.

Aside from being the best value for your money, this kit is the best if you're really serious about natural health and wellness and you want to completely make-over your medicine cabinet with natural solutions. You will be so well equipped to take charge of your health care with this kit.

Please click here in order to see all of the enrollment kit options. 

One of the key benefits of this kit is that it starts you at a higher percentage back in the Loyalty Rewards Program, which is basically like a frequent flier miles program.  As a member of Loyalty Rewards (LRP), you accumulate points for every purchase you make (you even get points for your shipping costs!) so that you can get a ton of free products and earn up to a 55% discount on all of your purchases.