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What are essential oils?

Why is purity important?

Why doTerra?

I can't say for sure that the huge transformation I have been experiencing in the past couple of years is a direct result of using essential oils... but it IS interesting that it really did begin around the same time I began using the oils!  AND I can say without any doubts that the oils have played a key role along this path of discovery and growth.

Beginning to really dedicate myself to the study of essential oils has been a catalyst for me to recommit to my health and wellbeing.  (It even inspired me and helped support me to leave my teaching job to go back to school to become a Health Coach!)

I had been studying essential oils for about a dozen years and was feeling a little discouraged that I wasn't really feeling the effects that were promised in all of the materials I was reading. When I was introduced to the doTerra CPTG essential oils, I immediately felt the difference in potency.   I was also incredibly impressed with the company's dedication to sourcing with sustainable, fair trade and organic practices and that they go beyond what any other company does by testing every liter with 7 different tests done in independent labs in order to guarantee purity and potency.

In the past two years I have introduced the oils to countless people and am always so thrilled (but not surprised) when they come back to share how the oils have improved their lives on so many levels, from physical to emotional to financial.  

I never imagined that I would ever be involved in working with and teaching about essential oils; I just loved using the products and was seeing incredible results with them every day and so I couldn't help but share them with friends and family.  There's a beautiful ripple effect as these people continue to spread the love with their friends and family, empowering more and more people to care for their health and their family's health using safe, effective, budget-friendly, fast-acting, readily available, natural solutions.

I am passionate about essential oils and the products made from them and I am happy to be a resource for my team and my customers. I'm proud to be working with a company that is so "pono", has so much heart and truly holds its mission of helping people to live healthier and happier lives.