That said, once you start poking around online and in reference books, you'll be discovering a whole huuuuge world of information and ways to use the oils.  And, unless you like to geek out on stuff like that like I do, I want to encourage you to not allow yourself to get overwhelmed.  Take it slow, and enjoy the process of uncovering one use after another! 


Everyone who purchases their oils through me - whether retail on my website, or through getting your own wholesale membership - has my total support and guidance through every step of your essential oils journey.

Let's set up a time to talk live via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp..... or come visit me on Maui, where I teach in some of the most beautiful spots on earth! :-)

In the meantime, these three videos will give you a good introduction to what all the excitement is about and why everyone is so crazy about essential oils nowadays!

I want everyone I know to experience these wonderful oils with me!  Please check back as I will be continually adding more content here, including videos about how to use essential oils with EFT Tapping, and webinars on different topics.


Live and online classes

One of my favorite things to do is teach people about essential oils.  

For those on Maui, my friends and I have weekly classes at the Sacred Garden and Lumeria, two of the most beautiful places on Maui.  Contact me to find out times and days. 

Come to one of our FREE experiential classes and mention that you learned about the class through this website and get a free sample bottle of Wild Orange! (If I'm not the one teaching that day, give the person your number to give to me and I will get the oil to you.)


If you are on Maui and would like to host a private class with a few of your friends at one of your homes or at a café, this is also a really fun way of learning about the oils. There are free gifts for anyone who brings together 4 or more friends who are new to doTerra for a class!

I have also had the pleasure of being "skyped in" to teach a class in New Jersey while I was here on Maui!  So, there are many possibilities! 

My favorite way to share the oils with people is in a one on one meeting.  This way we can really focus on YOUR needs and those of your family.  It's simple.  Just contact me to set up a time! 



Stay tuned for some online webinars!

In the meantime, here are just a few ways you can use essential oils:

  • I diffuse them at home to keep the air fresh and clean.  No more candles with toxic synthetic aromas!
  • I spritz my face with Peppermint when I’m feeling foggy headed at the end of the day for an immediate pick-me up without caffeine!
  • I put lavender in a blue glass spritzer bottle with water and spritz my pillow before going to bed for instant calm.  (A mommy I know puts a few drops of lavender in a small bowl of warm water and then moistens washcloths and puts them over her children’s faces before bedtime.  The kids love the smell and float right off to sleep.)
  • Respiratory blend is my “go to” whenever there is vog on Maui or whenever I just want to support my respiratory system.
  • To keep the insects away, I have a spray bottle in my car and another in my bedroom with about 30 drops of Repellent blend and the rest water.  When the bugs are bad, I spray it on myself every hour.  I have made a blend of Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lemongrass to repel ants, spiders and rodents in the house.
  • I like to use Lemon or Protective Blend, and Melaleuca in my homemade cleaners, or when I mop the floor.  Everything that gets on our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream.  When you wash the floor with toxic cleaning products and then walk barefoot, you’re absorbing all of those chemicals.  Yuck!
  • I add Lavender, Cleansing Blend, Lemon or Protective Blend to the rinse cycle in the wash for softer laundry which is completely sanitized.
  • I take several drops of Protective Blend or Oregano in a capsule when I feel like my immune system needs a boost (and rub in a few drops on the bottoms of my feet as well).
  • Before I left teaching to become a Health Coach, I used to diffuse Lemon in my classroom to help with focus, concentration, and brain function.  (The kids just think it smells nice and I would tell them that it puts us in a good mood – also true!)

This list could go on FOREVER!!!…  and that’s what the blog is about!  Check in regularly for updates or sign up for my newsletter!