Here are just a few of my daily uses of the oils so you can get an idea on how to incorporate into your life in an easy way while you take time to learn little by little of all of the potential of each one.

First thing in the morning even before getting out of bed, I put a couple of drops of Peppermint on the bottom of each foot and rub in.  (Within 30 seconds it is in the bloodstream and completely metabolized within 30 minutes.) I then inhale what is on my hands to start oxygenating my brain.  By the time my feet hit the floor, I'm already wide awake! No need for caffeine!

I usually down a big glass of water with a few of drops of lemon before I get in the shower.  (put drops in glass FIRST so that pouring the water in the glass will help to mix it in a bit)

Once or twice a week,  I will add a couple of drops of Melaleuca,  Peppermint, and Rosemary to my shampoo for a healthy scalp and more "wake-me-up" power and to help keep my scalp clean.  The Rosemary gives an added benefit of helping with memory while it also helps my hair shine.

For an Earl Grey tea with actual health benefits, I put one drop of Bergamot in my green tea each morning for great cleansing and mood uplifting. (in stainless steel travel mug - not plastic!)  I ALSO just discovered that Bergamot is a very powerful anti-parasitic (specifially, worm eliminator).  I'm doing lots of cleansing and am starting to think that maybe I have some parasites from all of my travel in third world countries. 

Throughout the day, I have about 5 drops of Slim and Sassy in my water bottle (glass, not plastic).  I no longer need a snack half-way through the morning.  If I'm craving sweets in the afternoon I might have some more of this one.

I've never had allergies, but once in awhile when I was teaching, I would walk into my classroom in the morning and something would cause me to sneeze nonstop. One drop of Lavender under the tongue and I was fine in a couple of minutes.  Lavender is also good for headaches and stress.

 After lunch, depending on how I feel I might need some Digest-Zen if I ate too much or if the digestion is feeling sluggish.  It smells pretty strong, so if I use it at home, I will just rub some on my belly, but if I'm in public, I'll put a couple of drops in some warm water and drink as if it were a tea.  It's great that doTerra has packaged the DigestZen for us in softgels! It makes it much easier!)

If lots of people around me are sneezing and getting sick, I will diffuse On Guard in my house and car.  Everyone LOVES the smell! It's like chai, or Christmas!   I will also put a drop under my tongue (intense! but works to kill anything that's trying to bring me down!)  I love the OnGuard beadlets for a quick dose of immune protection and the OnGuard softgels for when I'm really starting to get sick. I take one an hour since the oils process through your system within the hour.  

When I'm needing some help focusing, I'll diffuse Lemon, which also helps to prevent sickness, and elevate mood, but is also fantastic for memory, focus and concentration.  Remember: don't put lemon or any citrus oils on your skin if you will be out in the sun!  It makes the skin photosensitive.

I have a small blue spritzer bottle with about 6 drops of peppermint and the rest filtered water.  If it's really hot out, when I get in my car, I spray my face, chest and arms and then leave my windows down for a natural air conditioning and a huge second wind to begin my evening.  Peppermint is great for headaches and foggy-headedness but it is also cooling, so in the winter if you tend toward being cold, you might want to see how you react to this one.

FRANKINCENSE - is a MUST to have inyour daily protocol in some way or another.  This is liquid gold, the king of oils, the swiss army knife of oils.  Good for a zillion things!

In the evening I have some Frankincense diluted with some fractionated coconut oil that I rub on my hips and low back to help with inflammation.  I also forgot to mention earlier that I use Frankincense in my meditation each morning (one drop on the third eye --- added benefit is that it's fantastic for skin, so while it's helping me deepen my meditation, it's also working on my wrinkles between my eyebrows! ;-)  I LOVE all of the doterra skin care line (which has Frankincense in a couple of my favorite products), but until you try it, you can put a couple of drops of frankincense in your palm and mix with your usual facial moisturizer.  It is also amazing for memory, and brain function, sanitizing and healing cuts, among a zillion other things.  I take a drop under the tongue each day as a cancer prevention.  There are scientific studies done on this that were even covered on the BBC.   I also made a natural deodorant from a recipe I found online and Frankincense is one of the oils I used.  Believe it or not, it actually works!  No more aluminum going into my bloodstream through my armpits!

Before bed I diffuse Lavender in my room.  I might also spritz my pillow with lavender, or if I really need help sleeping, I will put a couple of drops in a bowl with some hot water (not boiling) and then moisten a washcloth and lay over my face.  Absolutely divine! and soooo relaxing! 

Also before bed I put Melaleuca on the bottoms of both feet to help eliminate Candida. (and if you had any kind of foot fungus issue, this would be great for that as well!)  (Bergamot on the bottom of the feet is also excellent for fighting Candida).


The Breathe, Past Tense and Deep Blue I use as needed.  My favorite thing to do with Breathe when I am starting to get the sniffles, or if there is a lot of cane burning or vog or pollution: put a drop in the palm, rub the two hands together then cup one hand in the palm of the other creating a funnel inhaler.  I take a deep breath first in through the nose and then through the mouth several times.  (btw, I know people who have been able to get off of asthma inhalers with Breathe.)  The Deep Blue is great on sore muscles.  (You can dilute with fractionated coconut oil.)  You can use before as well as afterworkouts.)  I use the Deep Blue Rub all the time!  Past tense is mainly for headaches, but is also great for sore muscles.

Finally, a few more important tips:
Be aware that depending on how clean your diet has been and how much toxins your body might be holding, you might want to start off slowly, especially with the amount of oils you ingest.  Some people experience a cleansing reaction such as headache or rashes when they try to use too much too quickly.  Make sure you drink lots of water (not only with the oils in it, but also plain water) to help flush any toxins out that might be released from taking the oils.  Remember that less is more.  One or two drops at a time is usually plenty.  For acute things like when you are getting sick, you can repeat as often as every half-hour to completely knock it out before it hits you.  If you do wind up getting sick, oregano and/or OnGuard in empty gelcaps taken every hour can greatly reduce the severity and duration.  The OnGuard softgels have Melissa, Oregano and Black Pepper added to the formula for a powerhouse boost to your immune system!