Everyone loves Uber and now it's on Maui!

There's a great new service on Maui that many of you may know about already: Uber!  For those who have never used it before, I have a gift for you.  It's a coupon code good for $20 off your first ride!  Read on!


What is Uber?  It's a ridesharing app that you can download on your phone for free.  It is used by millions of people in hundreds of cities in 56 countries around the world and it just made it to Maui a few months ago!


Basically, when you want to go somewhere, you open the app on your phone and you can see on the map all of the available drivers in your area.  It locates you with GPS and puts a pin on the map at your location. 


When you tap "request ride", the driver who is nearest to you is sent the request, accepts, and is on her way to pick you up.  (There is a button before you confirm that allows you to request a fare estimate and another button that allows you to enter your promo code.)  You and the driver are each given an anonimized phone number for each other in case  you need to communicate with each other for any reason while the driver is on her way.  Once your driver picks you up and takes you to where you would like to go, she swipes "finish trip" on her app, it shows the fare that was charged to the credit card you provided Uber when you downloaded the app, and the trip is complete.  The fares are calculated based on time and distance and it's all done through the app. 


Uber is fast, easy, safe, reliable, and cheaper than a taxi not to mention that it's providing flexible employment for so many people who wouldn't ordinarily go get a job driving a taxi. (They do background checks on all of the drivers and are serious about making sure to hire good people!) 


I am especially wanting to promote this service for those who like to go out drinking.  Let's keep Maui's roads as safe as possible!!

If you've never used the app before, you can use the coupon code 5x1ge for $20 off your first ride.

Do you know of anyone who is looking for a part or full-time job? 

Uber is looking for drivers on Maui!! :-) 

If you use this same coupon code 5x1ge when you sign up on uber.com as a driver  you will get a $300 bonus after you do 70 rides!  You just have to have a car that is less than 10 years old and has 4 doors.  (btw, I also get a bonus if you sign up using my code.  Let me know and if you make the bonus requirements, I'll take you out to dinner! ;-)

If you are visiting Maui and would like to ride in the nicest smelling car on the island ;-) and would like to have a nice, quiet ride in an electric car, please feel free to arrange an Uber ride with me. 808-298-9452. You can give me a call to see if we can coordinate schedules and then you would wait to do the "request ride" until I actually arrived to pick you up (to guarantee that the request came to me and not another driver whose car may not have the benefit of therapeutic essential oils ;-).