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My intention is to empower & train you to discover HOW to take control of your health & wellness by continuing to explore how these powerful oils can support you and your family on a path toward optimal health and wellness. 

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I love that simply by purchasing product from doTerra we are not only benefitting our own health, but we are also directly contributing to their beautiful mission to lift communities all over the world out of poverty. 

I believe with such conviction in doTerra's oils above all other.  On this page you can read more about doTerra's co-impact sourcing initiative and learn why I am so passionate about this company and why I am so proud to work with them and honored to be contributing to their global movement. 

For those who didn't click the above link, want a "feel good moment" right now?  I hope you take a few minutes to watch this beautiful, short video about doTerra's fair trade sourcing of the plants to make the oils.  After watching, it will be extremely clear why I am so proud to work with this heart-centered company!  They are truly "pono"!  I'd love to hear what you think after watching this video! 

If you'd like to read more about this, here's a great article about how doTerra is redefining global philanthropy.


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  • Place 1 drop directly on skin- key points of application; neck, behind ears, abdomen, soles of feet, spine.

(Remember, citrus oils make our skin more photosensitive.  Avoid putting them directly on skin that will be sun-exposed.)

  • Dilute with fatty oils if used on babies and children or if you have sensitivities.  Here's an article about dilution.

  • Infuse bath water (3-5 drops).  Mix with Epsom salts, honey or milk to emulsify the oils.

  • Spritz yourself often with a mixture of filtered water & your favorite oils.

  • Diffuse them (3-5 drops with water in a diffuser).

  • Soak a cloth in water with a few drops oils & apply for headaches, muscle cramps, bruises, cuts, etc.

  • Internal: 1-3 drops in water, honey, milks, under the tongue or in capsules.

  • Cook, clean, bathe, anoint, lather, shower with them! 

  • Sleep restfully with 1-3 drops on pillow.

Reminder: Essential oils are potent -  LESS IS MORE!  Sometimes a drop or two is all you need!

Refer to the quick usage guide in the back of your Modern Essentials book (see below) in order to see how to use the oils aromatically, topically and internally for adults, children and during pregnancy.

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I highly encourage you to join our team's Facebook communities to learn more fun recipes, uses, diffuser blends, and more!  You can ask questions and there's a wonderful community of people who will be there to offer suggestions! Here are a few to get you started.


*Jasmine & Juniper vip customer support

*Oil pipeline - Shepherd team

*Empowered Wellness

*Visionary Leaders (for those doing the business)

Where do the oils come from_ (2).jpg is a great website for bottles of all sizes and types (roll-ons, spritzers, sample size) and books about essential oils.  This is the site where they sell the Modern Essentials reference book (which is a resource that will empower you to use your oils wisely and effectively).  I highly recommend getting the full-sized hardcover version of the book to use at home.  Then you can get the Modern Essentials app for when you're out and about.

The Essential Life book is another fantastic reference available from the website, another site for "essential oil paraphernalia."  

There are lots of other great essential oils books on this site.  A couple of my favorites are: Living Healthy and Happily Ever After and Emotions & Essential Oils.


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 Here's doTerra's official website which has a TON of great resources.  Poke around a bit here! There is something interesting under each of the tabs. Make sure to check out the blogs and the Living/Sharing/Building guides.  You can also learn more about the humanitarian efforts and the company's mission.

Official dōTERRA Facebook Page

Official dōTERRA Pinterest Page

Official dōTERRA YouTube Channel

Looking for an aluminum free deodorant that works? A non-fluoride toothpaste that has xylitol? A natural non-toxic version of vapor rub or triple antibiotic ointment? Natural cleaning products, shampoo, laundry detergent?  Cutting edge weight loss products?    Here's the online product guide, which actually is a great place to learn about the wide variety of non-toxic products doTerra offers, along with all of the oils and supplements.

Arin Fulgate is the wonderful woman who introduced Maui to doTerra.  She is a master EO educator.  Her webpage Jasmine and Juniper is such a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the oils. Her Visionary Leaders webpage is a great place to find resources, and education for those who want to jump in and earn income with doTerra.

A couple of the great freebies she offers in the members only section of Jasmine and Juniper:  (I HIGHLY recommend you get these!) 

  • Essential oils 101

  • Free essential oil e-course

 The pw for the members only section of her website is: oils

In that section, on her "free webinars" page, there is a great video about using the EOs with animals (scroll down a bit) and another about non-toxic cleaning with essential oils.

Arin's customer support Jasmine and Juniper Facebook group is a perfect place for asking questions, sharing experiences, and Arin often gives away special prizes. 

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Here are links to informational handouts about the three supplements in the Lifelong Vitality Pack.  These are life-changers!  Remember, if you don't feel a difference in pain and energy after 30 days using as directed, send the empty bottles back for full refund. 

Check out the product guide, or ask me about all of the other supplements doTerra offers: probiotics, digestive enzymes, bone nutrient, natural energy booster, and more!

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The website: has great articles about all of the scientific studies and evidence they are finding about the oils. is another scientific site with lots of studies and research on a wide variety of health topics, including essential oils.

I'm proud to share with you doTerra's medical and science team.  (click on all of the green buttons at the bottom of the page.) 

Here's a short video about doTerra's rigorous testing procedures, one of the factors, along with sourcing, that really sets doTerra apart from all of the other companies on the market today.

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When you are ready to explore some more oils or oil-based products and take advantage of your 25% wholesale discount, go to:

and click “login” to enter your ID and password.

Here's a little screencast I made that will help walk you through the process of ordering online.  Right now doTerra is in the process of switching everyone over to the new webpage, so the portal will look differently for everyone soon. 

Here's how to place a one-time standard order through your online portal.

Feel free to contact me for help if it's unclear.

doTerra has the best customer service!  If you ever need to ask them anything, call them before 5pm Utah time.


After you get your oils, please feel free to share some stories with me of how the oils are working for you!  

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Are your friends and family asking you about your new enthusiasm for essential oils?  These three brief videos can be an easy way to share with people what it's all about.

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If you would like to host a party and have me come and teach your friends about the oils, let me know.  We have incentives for the host so that you can build your own oils collection based on the enrollments at the party!  I love doing Skype classes, so no matter where you live, feel free to contact me to teach a class.

Even if you never want to teach about the oils like I am doing, once you are a Wellness Advocate, you can share the oils in a more passive way and earn commissions almost without having to do a thing.  

For example, if someone on the street comments that you smell great and asks what you're wearing and they ask where they can get it, you can have your own website where you can send people who want to buy retail.  Each time someone buys from your website, you earn a commission. Eventually, the ideal way is to give a more in-depth education about the oils to people and to help them to become self-sufficient by becoming wholesale members themselves. There really is the potential for "financial healing" here.  I am happy to mentor you if you want to join me in this natural health revolution and learn how to share the oils in a bigger way.

I am so thrilled that you are now a part of my doTerra Ohana!  Please keep in touch and share any fun testimonials about the oils.  Remember to friend me on FB and join my MauiAroma group!