EPA in Fish oil is proven to be highly- anti-inflammatory, helps with depression

DHA - helps inhibit colon and prostate cancer cells

both taken together can help with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease

taken together by pregnant women can have beneficial effects on the children - reduced allergies and improved neurological development

 ALA, SDA, GLA -important Omega-3s, help soothe joint stiffness and pain, lower levels of depression and protect against dementia

Pomegranate seed oil- antioxidant, anti-inflammatory

Lutein - antioxidant, protects eye from UV radiation and decreases risk of macular degenration

Zeaxanthin - eye health, decreases risk of macular degenration

Lycopene - strong antioxidant

Vitamin A - strong antioxidant

Vitamin D3 - bone health and strength, helps modulate hormone secretion and immune function

Clove EO - highly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, helps relieve pain and skin problems

Frankincense - immune stimulant, anti-inflammatory, helps with blood pressure and depression

Thyme - highly antioxidant, helps with depression and fatigue

Cumin - digestive aid, helps with indigestion and flatulence

Orange EO - aids the digestive system, helps with indigestion and diarrhea

Peppermint EO - anti-inflammatory, anti spasmodic, helps with intestinal cramping and spasm

Ginger - calms digestive systaem, helps allevieate feelings of nausea and indigestion

Caraway EO - antispasmodic and anti-parasitic, helps with indigestion and diarrhea

German Chamomile EO - anti-inflammatory and aids digestive system, aids liver function and helps alleviate gastritis